The research process that brought you this website

Research Process – What We Did

Our Research Method
What we did. We started this work because we believe that people who are interested in 3D printing aren't adequately informed about how 3D printing works. We want to fill the gap so that beginners can get started with fewer hassles, while also making sure that they they have the tools so that they can stay in the game for longer.
To do this, we needed to get a clearer picture of what everyday people actually think about 3D printing. Once completed this, we started to fill in the gaps for people. We did this so that users can make an informed decision on buying or using a 3D printer, with a good idea of what the risks and rewards will be.
We combined expert interviews, academic research, and data analysis of 3D printing file sites to come up with a broad understanding of where the field of 3D printing currently is, and where it might go. Once we collated all the information into a number of categories we analysed the work for themes and practices that we could use in an interview setting. With this information, we drafted a number of questions which we used to conduct focus groups. This produced a wide variety of responses, which indicate that generally, people are very interested in trying out 3D printing. Some people are a bit unsure about what the law has to say about 3D printing Some people are a bit hesitant about the price of buying a 3D printer Some people are unsure about where to go to learn more Some people don't have a clear idea about where to go to get designs and files. This website is to help you understand a bit more about how you can make use of 3D printing services online easily and safely, without risking your personal information or your wallet too much. We also hope that this site lets you know where you can go for more information. The two whitepapers are there for you to read. They're intended for institutional educators - such as at schools, universities, and libraries - as well as for public servants during the creation of policy. Good luck, and happy printing!